Thanh Nguyen


Posted on: April 15, 2009

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Young people do not give enough time to help their communities.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, I often hear old people complaining that young people do not do anything to help their community. I absolutely agree with them. I believe that many youths do not help their communities as much as they could due to two reasons ….(time), (no one appreciate what youths do…), and (…)

The first reason is that many young people are too busy with their lives to do anything in their community. Instead of doing any volunteer work for their communities, they have to do homework, participate in extracurricular and play sports with their friends. Therefore, young people often have less time to help their community than old people. My friends and I are all teenagers. We know that we should do some volunteer work, but we just don’t have any time. We always have schoolwork to do. In addition, we have to attend private classes after school is over. When we finished with all of our work, there is no time left to do anything else, or we are just too tired. Having no free time that keeps us from volunteering to work for our in the community.

The second reason is that Second, it seems that volunteer work in my community is not appreciated. also seem to believe that doing volunteer work is a big waste of time. They feel like nobody appreciates their volunteer work even if they work very hard. Once, my friends volunteered to help clean a local park. They worked hard all afternoon long. However, when they finished, no one there even said “thank you” to them. Moreover, In the following week,  the park was dirty again in next week. That really disappointed and frustrated my friends very much. Since then, none of them has shown any interest in doing volunteer work again. They do not consider it as a good use of their time. When no one seems appreciated what youths do volunteer work for their community, they will stop give time to help community.

Definitely, In conclusion, youths do not spend enough time to help their communities these days. They simply spend too much time for studying lack the time to do, and many believe that volunteer work is not appreciated by other people for their effort worth the effort. I hope more youths change their minds because volunteer work is really important.

In other places, teachers or adults in community often campaign for voluntary work. They make a plan to do something for their community and they announce it to their students one or two weeks in advance. The plan can be picking up trash around school or a part of a community next to the school. The teacher will announce to the students where and when to meet. For example, the plan could be scheduled on a Saturday morning at 9:00 AM at the school and end at 11:30 AM. After the job is done, people will meet at the school at 11:40 Am, drink lemonade, eat cookies  and go home.

Next time, I will provide you an annual budget of a school district in which it shows where money to spend on their students. A part of the annual budget for school will be funded for extra-curricular activities such as the above activity. (Stay tuned:)


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