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Posted on: April 14, 2009

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is better to spend money on traveling and vacation than to save money for some time in the future.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, some people save all of their money and never spend it. To me, they are just people who don’t know how to enjoy their lives. In fact, I think it is much better for people to spend some of their money on trips or vacations rather than saving all of it for the future. by taking trips or vacations than to save it for the future.

First, People take vacation to see new places and enrich their culture. Traveling is educational as well as fun.  My parents owns a farming business I come from a merchant family, so we have quite enough money to take a couple of trips  yearly every year. We don’t only travel around Vietnam, but also we take trips to visit other countries.  I could see how beautiful landscapes, how people in other country living and learn about other cultures. These vacations were great learning experiences for me. Money for vacation was well spent and did much more good than sitting in some bank account.

Also, people need to enjoy life more. They can do this by spending their money on a relaxed vacation.

Spending money on vacation is also the best way to enjoy life. What is the purpose of earning money if a person won’t spend it? Some people just work all of the time and never enjoy their lives. My friend’s parents work all the time and never travel. Finally, they took a trip recently. When they returned, they looked better and were much happier and more relaxed. Many people could use a trip to make them happier.

In conclusion, people should spend their money on trips or vacations and not save all of it. Trips can introduce new places and cultures to people. In addition, they can help people become happier. I am so grateful that my parents take us on trips instead of putting all of their money in the bank.



Your introduction and conclusion are much better than before.Your body paragraphs are OK.

However, as I previously wrote about what you need to include in the conclusion is that:

_ bring two (or three) main idea in your body paragraphs and put in the conclusion. In this essay, you did only one “Trips can introduce new places and cultures to people” and I wonder why you didn’t write the other main idea in the 2nd paragraph? Look at the blue ink sentence in the 2nd body paragraph: Spending money on vacation is also the best way to enjoy life.

So if I was you, I would write the conclusion like this:

“In conclusion, people should spend their money on trips or vacations and not save all of it. I like to spend money on vacation instead of saving it. Trips can introduce new places and cultures to people and is also the best way to enjoy life.”

The above conclusion is short and simple. It sums everything that you write on the introduction and body paragraphs.

Remember this: So far, I’m paying attention to your introduction, conclusion, main idea of your body paragraphs.

(I will help you to work on body paragraph later.)

I don’t worry much about your spelling, your grammar, sentence structure etc. Those mistakes you will learn and correct along the way (when you write more and read more :). In fact, you will learn how to correct them later and I will help you how to do that.

Read the conclusion again and pay attention to it on your next essay. Cheers.

Now reading about vacation:


Here are TN’s feet

7 great benefits of taking a vacation and how to do it

Summer’s almost over. Have you taken a vacation yet? If you haven’t, will you?

Acccording to a 2006 survey by Harris Interaction and Expedia, 36 percent of workers don’t plan to use all their paid vacation days, and 37 percent never take more than a week off at a time.

So to convince you to take a much-needed break, here’s my list of how vacations can benefit your health and mind. While relaxation and exposure to culture are obvious benefits, there’s a wealth of other rewards too:

  1. Live longer
    A State University of New York survey found that men who took annual vacations reduced their risk of death by 20 percent. Men who didn’t take any vacations in five years had the highest death rate and incidence of heart disease than any other men surveyed.
  2. Improve your mental health
    A study by Wisconsin Medical Journal found that women who took frequent vacations were less likely to become depressed, tense, or tired. Women who rarely took vacations were likelier to have stress at home and sleep less.
  3. Revamp your relationships
    I don’t have any fancy studies to back this one up, it’s just common sense. A real vacation is the ideal time to reconnect and revitalize relationships that have taken a toll from an on-call, always-on, and work-obsessed culture. My 9-hour work days and blogging duties have caused my relationships to suffer more than I’d like to admit. Yes, I too need a vacation.
  4. Recapture your childhood
    When was the last time you went out and play? I mean really play. Without worry of someone calling or interrupting you. Real vacations let you recapture that feeling of childlike exploratory freedom. You can wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, and eat what you want. Most importantly, you can have fun without worrying about the consequences on work back home.
  5. Gain self confidence
    “Don’t put yourself on sale.” This is my favorite mantra from financial guru Suze Orman. While Suze’s target audience is directed to women, the advice applies to everyone. When you skip vacations, you put yourself on sale. If you have 2-weeks of paid vacation and don’t use them, you’re essentially working for free. By committing to a vacation, you declare to yourself (and to others) that you are important and deserve dedicated time for yourself.
  6. Find creative inspiration
    Most of the year, we live on a schedule. We eat at the same restaurants, see the same people, and experience the same environment. This monotony reduces the opportunities for inspiration and for new ways of thinking. By traveling to a foreign environment, we put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, and allow our brains to think differently.
  7. Become more productive
    What? You can more productive by not working? Yes. By scheduling two weeks of vacation a year, you force yourself to make the other 50 weeks more efficient. Your scheduled becomes an award—a carrot. This means more incentive to eliminate distractions, work more efficiently, and get things done.

(source: from the net)


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