Thanh Nguyen


Posted on: April 8, 2009

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Young people enjoy life more than older people do.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many psychologists’ research shows that young people enjoy their life more than older people do. I completely agree with this idea. Personally, I definitely believe that young people are much more enjoying life than the elder people.

The most important factor is that young people have more energy. This enables them to join in many more activities than the older people. As an example, I and my friends do many different things together, such as playing sports, going to the movies, chatting on the Internet, etc… and we all have fun with these activities. The elder people, however, have less energy. This means that they often spend the whole time indoor watching TV or even doing nothing. Since young people are out so often and always so active, they are definitely enjoying life much more.

I also noticed that Young people are generally don’t bear much responsibility than older people, so they have more time to relax and enjoy life relaxed about life than older people. Older people usually have to earn money, take care of their children, maintain their home,  pursuit their ambition, do things for their community or extended family etc. their family’s charge,.  So they are often exhausted or feel stress, pressure and run out of their time to enjoy life. In contrast, young people don’t have to do stuffs like older people, so they tend to have more time,  to be more positive and relaxed because they don’t have to care about anything,.  They can do whatever they want. Furthermore, young people have most of their lives ahead of them; they often discuss what they are going to do in the future. They can have big dreams about their own life and some are optimistic that they can change the world. In the other hand, the older people have most of their lives behind them. Many regret about the past, but they know they can’t change what has already happened. That’s why elder people aren’t enjoying the life as much as young people.

To conclude, In conclusion, it seems true that the young have more fun in life than the old. Young people are more physically active and have more positive attitudes toward to life than the older people because they have less responsibility, more time and more energy than old people.

Good thoughts and good essay. I like it.

use   in conclusion instead of to conclusion

Consider the conclusion = sum of what you write on the body paragraph (are controlling idea of two paragraphs in the body).

*Controlling idea are the main idea of a paragraph.

*main idea of the whole essay is theme of that essay. When speaking about main idea of a essay, people use THEME of that essay.



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