Thanh Nguyen

Dear Mr. TH

Posted on: April 6, 2009


Actually, my Sunday is the s

ame as Saturday. There is no movie theater or any sort of entertainment tool in my  hometown (, community, neighborhood) place. Also, there’s no gym so my friends and I can’t play sport in Sunday. We only play computer games in the weekend. (I’m also study English.)

When I was your age, I played a lot of games such as soccer, catching and throwing balls, hide and seek,… benefits of these activities are invaluable. One of these benefits would be that I could study extra long hours than most of my classmates during high school and college and even now.

I would recommend you and your friends to play in your backyard some activities such as standing in a circle or rectangle then catching and throwing tennis ball  among your group or, kicking balls from one to the others in short range or on the field.

Outside activities help people  to circulate blood in their body, practice fine motor and good coordination skills,  do teamwork, and else.

In my view, Vietnamese people (include myself) are relatively less active than Western people in term of doing outside activities or playing sports. I hope that you and your friends should think about doing more sports and outside activities than my generation.


From Monday to Friday, I go to school from 12 pm to 5 pm in all the afternoon. In Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I always do the same thing as Saturday and Sunday in the morning, it means that I study English about 2 hour and play games about haft an hour. But in Tuesday and Thursday, I have to study Physical Education at school from 8 am to 9:30 am.

About my chores, I don’t need to do many things. I just have to clean my room once a week and feed my dogs (four dogs).

As you see above, I always do simple and boring things everyday. If I have free time, I think I’ll just play games and study English.


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