Thanh Nguyen


Posted on: April 5, 2009

Dear TN, your essay is very interesting.  I enjoy it. By the way, I want you to know that there were at times I read your  essays, but I didn’t correct any thing because I had something occupied.  However, I will correct it  in another time. So,  keep up with your writing. Thanks

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Today there are so many sources of news and information that it is difficult to know whom to believe and who is tell the truth.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

A: Nowadays, there are so many TV channels, newspaper, and websites to offer a large source of news and information. However, they often distort the truth. This makes difficult  for readers to determine which sources they should trust and which one they shouldn’t.

There are at times, media often add many details into a story in order to make the story more thrilling. Therefore, many Some newspapers often exaggerate an event because they want to attract the customer’s curiosity. In fact, I recently read about the same event from two newspapers, but they wrote it completely two different stories. Each newspaper highlighted different aspect of the event, so I can’t know exactly what happened. Moreover, though When I tried to read a third newspaper, it gave me a different version compared to the other two. Since there are too many news sources available now, I just don’t know which one to believe.

In addition, the Internet allows anyone to write and post information these days. The problem is that many persons like to post news on the Internet, but they don’t have a good quality to provide news. News is supposed to be honest and faithful, but many people post extremely biased news. If I’m unfamiliar with a website, I might get news that is wrong and change the important details. One time, I found a website that look very professional. It had many news stories, and they all seem very accurate. However, my friend warned me that I should not trust anything I read to posting on that website. He claimed that the hosts of that website often avoided would often avoid to report the truth and report the news according to how they wanted it  would happen, not how it would really happen. I will have to more careful with this kind of website in the future.

(Dear TH, when you retell a story, think about using the auxilary verb ‘would’ which is a past tense of will.)

With so many news and information sources nowadays, it is difficult to know which source to trust. (you need to specify what newspaper?Vietnamese paper or Cambodian newspaper or …)   Newspaper is often incorrect, and many people presenting news on the Internet are not trustworthy. It is sad that there are so many lies in news sources nowadays.

*medium = singular (số ít)

media = plural (số nhiều) = truyền thông (báo chí, truyền hình, radio…)


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