Thanh Nguyen


Posted on: April 3, 2009

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Teachers should be paid according to how well their students perform.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, many principals think they should pay teacher’s salary according to how well their students perform. However, I think this is not a wise thing to do. I affirm that teacher’s salary should not be determined by their student’s performance in class.

The first problem with this proposal is that some classes in school are simply very bad and slow, or they even don’t care about anything. Some teachers try very hard to improve students in these classes, but the students don’t want to respond to them because they dislike school and teachers. One time, my class had a new science teacher. He was very good and enthusiastic, but nearly all of my class didn’t pay attention while he spoke. No matter how hard he tried, many students still didn’t improve. After one month teaching at my school, he was received a low salary because his student’s low grades. Therefore, he was very angry, so he moved to another school. If teachers get paid by how well their students perform, teachers like my science teacher would receive a low salary despite doing their best. This seems very unfair to me.

The second problem is that some teachers are willing to give their student grades in order to improve their student’s performance. Teachers will feel strong pressure about giving grades to students because if they give low grades, even to bad student, their salaries will decrease. Therefore, teachers have to give students a large number of A and B, and school will begin to suffer severe grade inflation. This is not very pleasant for both the teachers and the students. The teachers have to give grades that they don’t want to give in order to protect their job; the students will receive grades they didn’t earn. Nobody win in this case.

I am strongly against deciding teacher’s salaries base on the performance of their teacher. Some classes do not improve even if the teacher does his or her best. Teachers will also have a desire to give students grades higher than they deserve. This proposal would definitely cause more problems in schools than it would solve.


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