Thanh Nguyen


Posted on: April 3, 2009

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

In high schools or colleges, it is more desirable for a group project to be evaluated the same regardless of the individual students’ performances.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.

In my school, one of my teachers often gives every member of a group project the same grades. I’m not very happy about this. I think student should be evaluated base on his or her own performances when they are doing the group project.

The first reason I think this way is that every member of group project makes different contributions. Therefore, teachers can evaluate each student’s contribution in a group project and reward the hardworking students as well as punish the lazy students. If teachers give the same grades to every student, the lazy students will leave all the work to diligent students and do nothing but they still get good grades. Recently, I was suffered negative effect by my teacher’s grading method. I and my friends had a group project in our literature class. We had to write many paper in one week but in my group, only I tried hard and the other students did nothing. Because they were so lazy, I got a poor grade although I worked very hard. Giving a group grade in that situation was simply unfair.

The second reason is that giving individual’s grades can inspire students to work harder. Like I said above, lazy students often do nothing in group projects because they can depend on the diligent students to do all the work. If teachers give individual grades, the lazy students must work harder in order to improve their grades. As the result, the whole group project will work much faster and better and the hardworking students won’t need to worry about the other group member’s laziness.

In summary, teachers should give students individual grades on group project. This will be fair to all students and force the lazy ones to work harder. I think all the teachers should use this method of grading for a more effective education.


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