Thanh Nguyen


Posted on: April 2, 2009

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

A teacher’s ability to relate well with his or her students is more important than the ability to give them knowledge.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, many teachers think that they need to relate well with his or her students, not only give them knowledge. Some hang out with their students, or even play video game with them. However, I don’t think those teachers should stay very close and friendly to his or her students. I believe that a teacher who gives knowledge to students is much better than the one who relates well to them.

Today, without knowledge, there’s no bright future in life. Students need knowledge to prepare for their career, so teachers must give them as much information as possible. This maybe makes class harder for students, but it’s for their own good. A good relationship with teachers can’t help students to increase their knowledge and get good grades.

Secondly, I think there should be an appropriate barrier between teachers and students. Teachers are just simply too old to be friends with students, so it is inappropriate for them to hang out with students. Furthermore, I can not respect teachers who act and behave like students. By acting like a student, a teacher lowers their dignity and has no respectability of his or her students. Also, if teacher builds a strong relationship with his or her student, s/he will feel guilty when gives bad grades to his/her students so s/he give them good grades and be unfair to some other students. This is obviously impossible for the teacher to gain student’s respect because they know that s/he is not a fair teacher.

To conclude, teachers should give students as much knowledge as they can rather than build a good relationship with them. By educate them, the teacher will prepare for their career and for their future. Also, the teacher can secure their student’s respect by keeping a appreciate distance from them. I believe that all of the teacher should teach this way for a better education.


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